“Concrete” Solo show at Museum of Art and History of Lancaster (California)

The lights that shine from inside the homes are the reflection of everyday life inside each house in contrast to the darkness and uncertainty that is beyond. I love those mysterious moments between day and night, which invite rest and reflection. Curated by Thinkspace Gallery. 2021 Pics by Birdman photos.

“Urban” solo show at Beinart Gallery. Melbourne (Australia)

In this collection, I explored the cityscapes of the different places I have visited and which have captivated me. I’m fascinated by the random collective composition that urban spaces have. In these works, I play with multiple perspectives in order draw parallels to the different points of view we all have in our environments. In … Continua la lectura de “Urban” solo show at Beinart Gallery. Melbourne (Australia)


Molt feliç de veure un quadre meu fet puzzle. Moltes gràcies Löndji! Un honor formar part del vostre magnífic catàleg. És de format rodó i té 500 peces. Si us interessa, el trobareu a http://www.londji.com/ca/puzles/340-gravity-puzzle-8436530162154.html